Customer reviews of Acrylicon on paintings and Flooring coatings

This survey was performed to collect advice of customer satisfaction made by flooring coatings and painting made by Acrylicon. As a professional researcher interviewing the administrative professionals of Customer Businesses of Acrylicon embraced the qualitative aptitude evaluation. In this evaluation, the foundation questions which were asked are described below: -

Hilton Food Group - The direction of Hilton Food Group gave a five star to Acrylicon flooring coatings and painting that added ambience of their workplace and a unique and appealing outlook. They were truly filled with services mentioned it as a great flooring suppliers of Ireland and provided by Acrylicon. Supervisor of business said that paintings and the epoxy coatings of Acrylicon have an reinforce strategy with excellent outlook.

Caterpillar Inc. - When having a session with administrative and producing component of Caterpillar that once have been a customer of Acrylicon, it was acknowledged by professionals that they did not had any thought about flooring systems. As Caterpillar makes power system and enormous gear's it was required to truly have a flooring system with depth more afterward 5mm but they didn't had any thought relating to this demand. Unless they matched with them understand the structural necessities of painting and flooring coatings. The flooring system that is developed is as per their requirement that's having great longevity, aesthetic appearance, cleanability, strength and hygienic states.

Rockabill Seafood Limited- This is a Dublin based organization that provides seafood products all over Ireland. The managing of Rockabill gave rank of four stars to painting and flooring coatings of Acrylicon. Acrylicon have met their demand of having a flooring system with hygienic conditions to prevent fungal and bacterial contamination. Seafood are typically at high danger of pollution supervisor said, that is why Rockabill mentioned the want to get painting and flooring coatings that have microsize pore, resistance to substance, readily cleanable along with hygienic surroundings. Acrylicon developed Epoxy resin flooring for business that consisted all the mentioned standards of customer. !

Hollowpark Poultry -They bought Epoxy resin flooring coatings and painting for their poultry business because their business had a high human trafficking, unhygienic surroundings and vulnerability to pollution. The supervisors of Hollowpark said that painting and Acrylicon flooring coatings helped to get a command over all above mentioned problems with appealing look and longevity supplying an easily cleanable working zone.

Posted on January 08, 2016 at 03:36 PM