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Posted on August 10, 2018 at 01:13 PM

Fashion trend is increasingly giving priority to comfort and the trend of oversized clothing is there to prove it.

The oversized , in the literal translation, would be something like "too big". It's that idea that the outfit is some numbers larger than its normal size. The trend has actually surfaced for some time, but it is getting stronger.

At first, the focus was on oversized jeans jackets , but today it has now reached virtually every wardrobe piece.

Thinking about it, here are some tips for you to sweep the trend of over sized clothing . Check out!

Over sized Shirt

Wearing an oversized shirt on the look is an incredible way to update the outfit of work.

You know the idea of boyfriend jeans ? That wide pants stolen from her boyfriend's wardrobe? With the oversized shirt the same thing happens. Loose and elongated models will make all the difference when it comes to leaving your super-fashionista look .

If your model is long enough, you can wear it as a dress. In addition, the over sized shirt also looks amazing when paired with skirts, tailored pants or jeans.

To break the stripped air a little, opt for more stylish accessories.

In addition, the over sized T-shirt has also taken over the street style . Fashionistas are already wearing a long T-shirt as a dress and the look could not be more current.

Sweatshirt Over sized

One of the most beloved oversized clothing models in street style is the sweatshirt. It looks amazing when paired with an over-the-knee boot and still has the job of making us cooler and more cozy on cooler days.

The combination with midi skirt brings a well-tuned air and fashionista and, when combined with a jeans mom , shows that its priority is comfort, but without leaving the fashion touch aside.

Over sized Coats

You must have seen in street style photos with super long coats already. Now the traditional trench coats , for example, go down to the feet.

Jackets style blazers, furry, puffer jackets , it does not matter, they've all grown in size and have now invaded the streets in their overly large versions.

Regardless of the look you have underneath, throw an oversized jacket over and done!

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Posted on August 10, 2018 at 01:10 PM

Animal print is undoubtedly one of those prints that never go out of style. It enters and leaves season and the pattern stays present. The last New York Fashion Week is there to prove it.

Marks like Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Diane Von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera and Michael Kors brought the animal print back to the runways and the print promises to pump in the next seasons.

The jaguar pattern is the most popular, but the zebra, snake, tiger and dalmatian patterns also make their appearance on catwalks and street style .

In addition, as a differential, the latest NYFW brought animal print prints in more colorful and fun versions, getting away from the classic tones.

So, to help them incorporate the trend of looks, here are some tips. Check out!

Mix the Trends

It was the time when the animal print should be used as the only item fashion trend of the look . For those who want to get their head on fashion, the tip is to combine your jaguar pattern, for example, with other trends of the moment.

Try matching animal print with vinyl pieces . This combination is perfect to give that more modern air to the production. For a more sensual combination, combine the print with transparencies. On the feet, a sock boots style boot leaves the production complete.

For those who like that mix of prints, it is worth experimenting to combine the animal print with the chess. The pattern came back with everything and the combination may surprise.

Accessories with Animal Print

Who likes the animal print, but still does not want to risk such bold productions, the tip is to complement the look with accessories in the print.

A B & W outfit , for example, will look amazing with a zebra print purse.

Another easy way to bring the trend to looks is in shoes. No matter what pieces you have in the wardrobe, there will always be an ideal animal print footwear to close production.

Animal Print from Head to Feet

For those who want to play animal print, but look for a way easier than doing that mix of trends, the tip is to adopt a total look .

Wear your favorite ounce pattern from head to toe and voilĂ ! Here you can choose a little dress or a trench coat , or even an outfit with skirt and blouse of the same pet, but not necessarily with the same patterns.

For your feet, prefer a neutral footwear, like a carpeted sneaker in tressĂȘ leather .

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Posted on August 09, 2018 at 06:48 PM

New York is one of those cities that never sleeps and is always boiling with people and news. It is undoubtedly one of the most sought after and beloved destinations in the world and leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to fashion.

The New York fashion week is a prelude to European fashion weeks and, in addition to the runways, brings a show apart from street style . Bloggers, it girls and celebrities capricham at the time to assemble the looks and we could not fail to pay attention to the fashion trend inside and outside the catwalks.

Thinking about it, we have gathered here 3 trends that have puffed on the New York street style in the latest fashion week and promise to make a difference when it comes to putting on looks for the next seasons. Check out!

Vinyl Trend

Vinyl is that material that was trend in the 80's and that came back with everything. For those who like to give a sexy touch to production, betting on vinyl pieces has no mistakes, but the material can also look amazing in a more office or modern production.

For a more formal outfit and fashionista , combine a vinyl pencil skirt with a thin fabric shirt, for example. On the feet, a beautiful leather scarpin .

If you want a very trendy look , go for vinyl pants. The item is easy to match and will give one up on any winter production.

Trench Coat

The so-called trench coat is a classic and appeared in many ways in New York's street style .

An indispensable part of any winter wardrobe, the trench coat is versatile and can go from being the protagonist to the coadjuvant in the look . It all depends on how you do the styling .

If you join the trench coat with the vinyl trend, no doubt you will have a protagonist. Underneath, I try to wear a high collar, it gets very shabby. And on the feet, finish with a female coturno .

The street style also already showed us that trench coats in the print Prince of Wales is another hit of the season. So you'll be wearing a classic piece, but with a twist of the obvious.

Colorful Chess

In the last week of fashion, colorful chess bombed not only on catwalks but in street style. The pattern appeared on coats, including trench coats , skirts, trousers and shirts. Easy to match, chess brings vintage air to production.

For the next seasons, keep an eye on the yellow chess - he appeared strong on the catwalks and, sure enough, will invade the street style .

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Posted on August 09, 2018 at 06:47 PM

You may have noticed that fashion has been returning to the past decades and, with the power dressing fashion trend , it could not be any different.

Although the 1980s were marked by extravagance, it was also in it that power dressing came about , especially in countries like the United States and England. The term was used to define the dress style of the pros of the time and represented a little of the feminine emancipation in a labor market in which the majority of the positions of leadership were occupied by men.

At the time, a woman seeking authority, respect, and prominence as a professional could not give up the broad-shouldered tailleurs .

In this way, power dressing emerged to define the strong way women dressed in the work environment and was characterized by more square silhouettes and pieces of tailoring coming directly from the men's closet.

Today we are living in an age where discussions about feminism are more alive than ever, so it is only natural that this trend of the 1980s is back on the catwalks and street style in a way that has been repaginated.

The blazers - protagonists of the trend - no longer only fall into the category of "clothes to work". They have extrapolated the corporate environment and are now seen in red carpet versions , ballad or even day-to-day looks and causal.

With that in mind, here are some tips for using and abusing the contemporary version of the power dressing trademark - the blazer. Check out!

Marked Waist

In the 80's, women's blazers had prominent shoulder pads and a square trim that did not value the female body.

In the current fashion scene, the blazers are back to gaining prominence, but, this time, in a more feminine way. The new interpretations of the piece bring a more marked waist and discard the exaggerated shoulders, valuing the curves.

Oversized Blazer

Another supermodern way of wearing the women's blazer is opting for their oversized version . Here, the styling trick is to turn the giant blazer into a real dress.

This model fits a lot with a pair of jeans and a short boot !

Monochrome Set

Nowadays, one of the forms that has pumped more in the street style and the catwalks is the monochromatic look of blazer + trousers.

The idea is that the pieces are exactly the same material and the same color, bringing even more strength and power to the outfit . In addition, extravagant colors like yellow, orange and pink have also stood out in monochrome sets.

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