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How to Make Money in Internet Design and Marketing?

Posted on August 10, 2018 at 01:16 PM

With or without crisis, it is always good to find other means of income to have that additional guarantee or even to definitely change careers.

In this text, we will show you some ways to make money from marketing and design on the internet. Of course there is no magic and it takes a lot of work, but believe me, it does, to live it. Look!

The first obstacle

The biggest problem with the idea of ​​making money on the internet is prejudice, and this is no coincidence. Here in Brazil, we only started to enter, really, online for just over 10 years, so many people have no idea that it is possible to build a solid online career.

Thoughts about the internet are pretty extreme. Some believe that you can make money without doing almost anything, while others are almost sure that the good opportunities to work with the internet are scams.

The truth is one: you can, yes, start a good career with the help of the internet. Digital marketing consultant , copywriter, designer , digital influencer and affiliate are some of these career possibilities.

Digital Careers

Here are some options for starting a career with the help of the internet.

Digital Marketing Consulting

A career that is on the rise is that of a consultant, especially those specialized in digital marketing. The job of this professional is to be an expert in helping companies increase sales through the use of different digital marketing techniques . The tip is to start learning about  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the famous content marketing . These are the basis of many strategies currently used in digital marketing, such as email marketing , and serve not only for those who want to be a consultant, but for those who want to make money on the internet, in general.

The advantage in the consultant's job lies in the scalability. It is possible to have multiple clients at the same time, since the consultant is not responsible for execution, but for planning.


There are a few different ways to make money with a blog, but they all revolve around one thing: to generate authority .

For those who do not know, having authority means gaining relevance with a specific audience, to the point of being recognized as someone who understands well about a subject and who can give valuable tips about it.

Afterwards, or even during the creation of this authority, it is possible to offer products of its authorship to the public, such as e-books , video courses , a restricted area for members with special contents, among other things.

The authority also attracts the attention of companies who would like to advertise products on their website. In addition, from the beginning of the blog it is possible to display advertisements when signing up for programs like Google Adsense .

Keep in mind that this last way will only give good returns if the blog has thousands of hits often.

Having a blog is a great choice for anyone who wants to monetize a hobby or a specific skill by selling products or services that involve this.

The great advantage of this option is the low cost. Creating a simple blog is something you can do for free, just spending with your hosting on a server, something that can come out around $ 20.00 a month in many cases.

The downside is that the results tend to take a few months or even more than a year in most cases.

Blogs are also a great choice for entrepreneurs who are starting now and do not know how to consolidate their brand on the internet.

It goes without saying that they can work together with an e-commerce platform to leverage sales through Inbound Marketing .

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Web Application Development: Get Your Questions on the Subject!

Posted on August 10, 2018 at 01:15 PM

If you are in search of financial independence and new challenges, developing web applications can be a great  career choice . In this area, you can have a great salary and you will find many job offers. In addition, you'll be able to work with a variety of languages ​​and technologies, and address the challenges mobile web applications bring.

In this post, we will talk about what is web development, the disciplines of this type of course and how to choose the best teaching institution. Good reading!

After all, what is web application development?

The internet has become a daily part of any business due to some features such as simplicity for users, ease of use, and up-to-date information that does not depend on a specific environment to function.

The key point of web applications is that they run on the user's browser, so there is no need to install on the computer. Another definition of a web application is : everything that is processed on some server.

For example, in an e-commerce , the user can log into their account, make purchases, payments and cancellations. This is all processed on the server, since it needs to authenticate the user login, validate the purchase with the card operator and make the reservation of the product in stock.

However, users' ease of use of web applications has resulted in the growth of web systems development, making them increasingly complex. In addition, there is confusion about identifying the difference between a web application and a traditional system, and between a web application and a website.

Difference between web applications and traditional systems

Web applications involve aspects that are relevant to this type of structure, such as personalized navigation between users, so each user views the application in a way, depending on their permissions and functions.

One of the advantages of web application development is that most users are already accustomed to browsers, which requires no prior training. In addition, maintenance and upgrade are centralized, so you do not have to install on all computers, just put the files on the server.

Finally, if there is a need to increase the processing capacity due to the increased complexity of the application, simply do this directly on the server, instead of modifying all the machines that access the system.

A traditional application is already installed on each user's computer to access it. One of the difficulties of this type of approach is that each operating system works in a way, so an application developed for Windows will not work on Linux , so it is necessary to develop the same application for different operating systems.

In addition, because the application is centered on the machine on which it is installed, incompatibility with other software or even hardware may occur . It is worth mentioning that the more robust and complex the application, the heavier it will be, requiring better performance of the machine in which it is installed. This means newer and more expensive computers for all users.

Difference between web application development and websites

Difference between web applications and websites

While a web application allows the user to interact with the system, the website is "static" and usually only provides information, but does not perform server processing. Websites are often used by businesses as a business card, which contains information such as company history, contact, staff and product descriptions.

A website, for example, does not allow the user to post any information in the database or interact with that information. Online text editors such as Google Docs are applications within a website.

How does a web application work?

We already know then what is a web application and what are the differences between websites, web applications and traditional systems. But how does a web application actually work?

The web server, the requests made by the user, the HTTP protocol, the HTTP methods, other protocol types, and the HTTP response are responsible for making a web application work.

Web server

The function of a web server is to receive a request from the user and return a response to the page. The response of the request that arrives at the user can be other HTML pages , images and documents. Typically, servers send the HTML instructions to the page, which tells the browser how the content should be displayed to the user.

User Requests

The function of the web application is to allow the user to make requests and display the results. The user makes the request in the browser, which formats the request and sends it to the server, which, in turn, responds to the browser to display the response in a readable format to the user.

But by itself, HTML can not make the page look nice and modern. With this in mind, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) came to improve the appearance of the pages because it is a document that contains the styles that will be used in HTML elements.

These two disciplines are essential, especially for the front-end developer, and one usually learns them early in a web development course.

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Posted on August 09, 2018 at 06:51 PM

The Digital Marketing blog has powerful features to offer when used wisely, and can make your content become a reference on the Internet. In addition to requiring a significantly cheaper investment, this type of marketing has strategic advantages, such as the ability to measure the results of your campaigns in real time to optimize and apply best practices.

Keep reading and understand how to use Digital Marketing strategies to make your blog reference on the internet!

Know Your People

The best guideline to produce relevant and quality content on your blog is knowing who the users who will access it, ie their Personas . What will make your blog a reference is not the amount of content it produces weekly, but the quality. To improve this, you need to define your People:

What is the profile of this consumer?

What are your pains or problems?

What is your social, academic or hierarchical class?

What is your age group?

What are your cultural preferences?

What are your ambitions?

Having defined Personas, the creation of Digital Marketing campaigns and content production becomes more precise and effective as it is developed according to each step of the sales funnel.

Invest in relevant content production

As we mentioned earlier, it is not just the amount of content that makes your blog optimized, but the relevance of them. Every commercial sector offers a huge breadth of themes and subjects that can be shared. Why not create targeted content according to your company's industry and post to the blog? Certainly your venture has lots of experience to share, and that will attract readers all over the internet.

Content Marketing is one of the most efficient and popular strategies within Digital Marketing, especially if you are intent on engaging, optimizing your blog's Page Rank and ensuring a good positioning.

Explore more digital content formats

Content marketing does not necessarily mean article production and blog posts. Digital Marketing strategies cover a variety of content formats, so your blog can explore other ways, such as:

Provide free e-books for download, for example, a comprehensive guide on a particular subject.

Launch Podcasts in real time or download, bringing curiosities and useful information to the users of your blog.

Video , tutorials, curiosities. After all, audiovisual content is one of the formats that most has public demand.

Investing in multi-format is a smart strategy as it exponentially increases the power of your blog's reach, as it will be able to reach a very wide audience.

Capte Leads

Capturing Leads is a key point in the Digital Marketing action optimization cycle as it is one of the most direct ways to measure results, set Personas for content development and attract potential customers.

One of the most effective strategies for attracting Leads is through Landing Pages, which aim to offer exchange of user contact for free relevant material such as E-books, Pdfs, Podcasts, among other content that attract public interest.

Keep an eye on your competitors

The Internet is a powerful tool and accessible to everyone when it comes to Digital Marketing, which means your competitors can overtake your blog if you do not follow closely what they are doing. Be aware of competition behavior so you stay in the lead.

Learn to use social networks in your favor

Social networks are the "ace na manga" of every good Digital Marketing professional , as they are loved by users, offer a high power reach, engagement and help to propagate the content produced in your blog. That is, they are basically a complete Digital Marketing tool.

But remember, you should use the right social networks to optimize your blog. What will define which platforms are most suitable are your People, as we mentioned above.

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The 10 Best Web Development Sites You Should Take Immediately

Posted on August 09, 2018 at 06:50 PM

Talk to a friend! After a long time (boat time in it) without posting on the blog, here I come back to list the 16 best current web development sites that you need to follow immediately.

But first, I want to apologize for my disappearance and warn that from today we will have new articles every week. And ah, I'm reactivating the channel on Youtube too, so sign up right there and turn on the notifications so you do not miss the beauty news?

That being said, let's go to our short list ...

The Best Web Development Sites

# 01 - Tableless

Undoubtedly one of the best current websites that deals with web development. Diego was able to make his project one of the best references for beginner developers.

There are some guys there who are real ninjas when it comes to quality content and ease of learning. I speak here about Danilo Vitoriano, Ricardo Yasuda and Tailo Mateus. A great save for you guys!

# 02 - RB Tech

This is a site that helped me a lot in my early career and is currently among the first on this list with total respect and merit.

Ricardo Bernardi has a lot of web development and is always sharing his knowledge on his blog and also on his Youtube channel, it's worth following this guy!

# 03 - Upinside

Dude, really. I do not even need to comment on how Upinside's Robson helped me in my projects (See, I did not hire him and neither did he do it for me, do not misunderstand, haha).

When I say helped me, I mean the videos, articles, courses and tips that this guy has reviewed over time. I venture to say, that without your knowledge I would not be that technology-addicted nerd that I am today. LOL.

So if you want to become a professional web development professional, you need to follow that guy and take his courses. The guy is a web programming jedi, losing that title only to our beloved dinosaur Maujor!

# 04 - Maujor

Maybe you're reading this article younger or older than I am, even though it has nothing to do with it. (I.e.It serves only to illustrate that before you knew that Chrome and Firefox served to access the internet, our beloved dinosaur was already consolidating his knowledge on the web.

Maujor is a super good guy who has several books published on web development and has a very good site in front of the front end. Strongly recommend you follow this guy.

# 05 - Imasters

Creating a list of this suit and not including the Imasters portal is going against all the rules governing quality content and its sharing.

It's almost the same as watching The Walking Dead on Netflix and does not add to your favorites list imagine there?

Within this portal you will find various valuable materials on web development and above all, you will have access to an active and powerful forum to remove your doubts and help each other in the community.

# 06 - Alura's Blog

Another site rich in information and that helped me a lot in the beginning. In addition to the information shared on the blog, the courses on this platform are fantastic and very complete. It is worth checking.

# 07 - Devmedia

Dude, if you really want to learn the code for the web, you need to put that site in the favorites too. At Devmedia you have access to extremely complete web development tutorials.

# 08 - Web Solutions

Alexander is the name of the guy behind this portal. This guy handles a lot of web development and shares in his courses everything he learned during his journey as a programmer.

On this site you will find paid and free courses on the most varied subjects related to web programming. Do not forget to bookmark it.

# 09 - Video Courses

Do not tell me you still do not know Gustavo Guanabara? Really?

This guy is dominating the internet with his free courses, to give you an idea, the video courses channel has already surpassed the 350,000 mark, all of them glazed in the videos of this guy.

# 10 - Chief of Design

I knew David's work a short time ago through the e-book fluency in HTML and CSS , and I confess that I was amazed at the content of this guy.

It handles lots of design and mostly front-end. It's worth it to follow his blog and apply the tips he shares for free.

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