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Home Decor - See What to Do in Each of The Environments!

Posted on August 10, 2018 at 01:14 PM

Having a good home decorating can change your relationship with your home . With the right elements, issues like comfort and practicality are positively affected, as well as beauty.

More than that, caring for the decorative items is key to creating the home of your dreams . By following the right style and considering all the needs of the family , it is possible to have a truly incredible result!

It is to help you turn dream into reality that we bring this post. In it, you will find what you need to know to create a refined and appropriate decoration. So keep reading and find out!

The decoration of home

Decorating a home goes beyond arranging your favorite items. It is more than creating a beautiful look or even copying what is fashionable.

The decoration of the house consists in the creation of practical rooms, functional and, above all, reveal a little of the style of those who live there.

That is, places that are just beautiful, but that do not fit for real life, only work in magazines. At the same time, comfort is not synonymous with sloppiness with the look of the environment.

Best of all, decorating is no complex science - quite the contrary. Knowing how to direct your efforts and interests, you can conquer the house of your dreams and that is perfect for your needs.

Decorating Styles

Similar to what happens in fashion, home decor follows some standards. Certain sets of elements form a particular style, which can and should be applied in all rooms.

This has a lot to do with your tastes, interests and requirements, with options for all people. Among the main styles are:


Option for those who are practical, detailed and like to focus on a few items, minimalist decor presents only what is relevant.

The idea is to select a limited number of objects and highlight the important pieces. Colors are basic and usually stay in white, black, and neutral or dark tones.

This is an option that conveys a lot of peace and organization, as well as helping to create a sense of spacious ambience because of the large circulation space.

However, it does not have to be bland and you can bet on highlighting small dots of color.


Already who likes a natural footprint, usually bets on a rustic style. It uses many materials like wood, rope and fabrics like cotton, leather and suede.

The intention is not to leave the property with a caricature aspect, as if it were a farm. Instead, it brings "raw" approach, which values ​​the natural elements and generates integration with nature.

Because of this, the rooms are very cozy and bring the idea of ​​a cozy house. For the effect to be complete, you need to invest in warm lighting .


Anyone who is passionate about antique items can opt for a retro or vintage approach. It is worth using pieces that have already been successful, such as Provencal style furniture and even colorful refrigerators.

It is also great to use light colors, such as pastels, because they refer to a faded look, as if it had been worn out by time.

All in all, family furniture or found in antique shops are welcome. In this style, the relics fit perfectly.

Apparent pipes and pipes are not a problem, forming the ideal style for those who have a lot of personality.

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6 Decorating Tips For Those Who Have Pet At Home

Posted on August 09, 2018 at 06:48 PM

See valuable tips to make sure your pet is happy and safe, and your home is intact (or almost).

Whoever has a pet knows: they are family members and, like babies, they make it necessary to take care of the home decorating.

The pets are beings full of love and cuteness, capable of wringing us a smile even in the most stressful days. However, as living beings with wants and needs, they need a lot of care.

In addition to providing adequate nutrition, giving vaccines and periodically consulting with your veterinarian, you need to ensure that your pet will have its own space that is safe, sturdy and easy to clean.

That does not mean, however, that the whole house will be transformed into a kennel or a cattery - unless you want, of course. Check out our decorating tips for those who want to keep the house in style while providing a cozy little place for furry friends.

1. Forget the expensive carpets

Carpets have an advantage over the carpet: it is much simpler to remove them from the environment to promote proper cleaning, removing hairs and odors.

To be even more practical, it is best to dispense with expensive carpets, as they will probably be the target of sharp-nailed paws and physiological needs in the early days, or at least during the adaptation of your pet.

Choose a cheaper version to suffer less from each new yarn, giving preference to synthetic or sisal carpets. If you have a rug worth a fortune, try using it as a wall decoration or make sure it is in an inaccessible room for your pet.

2. Give preference to hard floors

Laminate, stone or ceramic floors are easier to clean and maintain than a carpet flooring. In addition, these materials are cooler on hot days, providing a relief for our furry friends who suffer from the heat.

Just be careful not to opt for floors of very slippery materials, which make it harder for older pets to move and can cause accidents. If this is the case in your home, non-slip mats can make life easier for your little friend.

3. Protect fragile items

That vase inherited from your great-grandmother needs to be very well protected, as well as the collection of crystals and porcelains that you brought from your travels. After all, if your dog is happy and wagging its tail or if your curious kitten decides to inspect the object, it is possible that its objects turn into pieces.

To be able to display your decorative items without fear, the tip is to leave them in closets with sturdy glass doors, proof of more euphoric pets.

4. Choose the correct ink

Did your pet just get back from the street and rub his paws on the wall? Know that the damage will be much less if you use satin paint, which is much easier to clean and stain resistant.

5. Reinforce the sofa fabric

It's a delight to have your little pet company to watch your favorite series on the couch, is not it? What is not so cool is having to deal with hair and blemishes throughout the room.

Therefore, try to choose smooth and resistant fabrics, which facilitate the removal of hair and cleaning. Some good tips are canvas, vinyl, denim, chenille and twill.

However, if the budget is not allowing you to change the sofa liner now, one more idea is to have a cover that is resistant to patches and stains. In case of accident, just put to wash.

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